Innovative Spine Surgery

What does Wiltrom offer?

Collaboration - Your next successful business

More than 50% of our company is our R&D team, which focuses on optimizing minimally invasive surgical instruments. We have proven records in completing and submitting documents to the FDA, CE, CFDA, and TFDA for approval. We follow regulations to turn good ideas into reality. We are detail-oriented. We assign project managers and design teams for each project from prototyping to products.

Dr. Huang-Chien Liang

Chief Executive Officer

PhD in National Tsing Hua University | Industrial Technology Research Institute

Yi Chun, Su


Industrial Technology Research Institute

Brad Lin, MBA

Business Development Manager

Product Management & Business Development in the Healthcare industry

Dr. Sherwin Hua

Advising Surgeon

PhD in Northwestern Institute Neuroscience | MD in Northwestern Univ. Honors Program

Dr. Hsiang-Ming Huang

Advising Surgeon

MD in School of China Medical University


Wiltrom is established in December of 2009, and it is a spin-off of Industrial Technology Research Institute. Wiltrom is dedicated in the research and production of a wide range of various high-end, implantable, Class II and III medical devices. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality and personalized spine and neurosurgical care using cutting edge techniques. Wiltrom and collaborated surgeons pioneered Lumbar fusion (TLIF) surgery through tiny dime size 18mm incisions, the smallest in the industry. Smaller incision size means faster healing, lowest infection rates and complications, with maximal results for the relief of back and leg pain. This is a true surgical breakthrough! Contact us if you are interested.

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